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The Northeastern Outdoors crew all grew up in Rochester, NY but have since spread to different parts of the state. We come from different hunting backgrounds and experience but share a common love and respect for the outdoors. Unfortunately we do not have thousands of acres of private managed lands to hunt on, but we are lucky enough to have our own share of prime hunting land acquired over years through family, friends, scouting, and purchase. Although deer hunting is our favorite time of year, if it has to do with the outdoors we probably love it. From ice fishing to predator hunting, we just can't get enough.

Please enjoy our site, and our videos. As you will see, we are far from perfect and we enjoy having fun more than anything, but our dedication is unquestionable. Footage of our outdoor experiences is put out here for more than a laugh. We do this not only for your entertainment but to help preserve our own memories. Looking back on these adventures 50 years from now will be the true reward of recording our experiences. Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to contact us.